Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011


Yes, i know to late a make this articel about Mods Mayday 2010..(: but it's ok because the first is batter i think..hehehe oke let see, MODS MAYDAY at may 1 2010 has been successfully implemented in Jakarta and this is the first time. Many people and scooter come to enlivern this event. This event ca be held because warior jakarta crew and i say thank you for this event. I hope actual values mods mayday are not forgotten and this is not only fashion, right? . I have take a some photos, enjoy it...

 Meeting point to ride, Senayan.

Some friend.

Yeah, working class scooter.

 "God save working class" his parka says

Reporter with the object..hehhehe

he is a scooter boy

 truly scooter rider from jakarta..heheheh xp

Arround the city

Arround the city #2

Ride to pride

Mods mayday 2010 participants.
 Temporary halt, Menteng park.

 Scooter at Menteng park.

Some friend.

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